October 24, 2011

Yes, I *did* buy an Iltis

The hunt is over, and I went for the Iltis which was the closest to me.

1985 Bombardier Iltis
My 1985 Bombardier Iltis
  • 1.7L Volkswagen 4 cylinder liquid cooled VW 049 YX / 75HP
  • Two alternators (24V and 12V)
  • Discrete 24V and 12V systems
  • Three 12V automotive batteries
  • Modified bush bar
  • 6,000lb Warn winch, 12V
  • Auxiliary Lights, front and back
  • Uniden Bearcat PRO 510XL CB Radio
  • Genuine Canadian Iltis "Unstucker" Kit
  • Aftermarket Tachometer
  • VW Rabbit car-key conversion
  • New seats with headrests
  • Spare tire mounted at the rear
  • CF-issue rifle mounts
  • My 1985 Bombardier Iltis
  • Original CF Manuals
  • Fire Extinguisher(not original)
  • 5 additional rims+tires, spare
  • A whole "parts" Iltis, running and has brakes, needs clutch work
  • Several handles and doohickeys.
  • Two spare clutches
  • Spare set of windshield wipers
  • Eight spare brake shoes
  • ...everything else the previous owner has collected that has the name "Bombardier Iltis" on it!

My "parts" Iltis
As the story goes, and per my previous post, the current owner of the Iltis can't get in and out of it easily anymore, and would rather use a 4-Wheeler "Rhino" than the Iltis for his back country hobbies.  His loss, my gain!  For me, this will be the Pinetree Line exploration vehicle.  It is driveable in the winter, it does have a heater, but it is a little drafty - and while *possible* to drive in the winter, I think I'll try to keep cold-weather driving to a minimum.

I'm pretty stoked, and will take possession of it Wednesday :)

If you are interested in purchasing the Thunder Bay Iltis which is for sale, look on Kijiji, or follow this link.  Let him know I sent you.


  1. I am so jealous that thing is awesome

  2. I'm *very much* looking forward to taking possession of it tomorrow :)

  3. It does look fantastic,would you have any idea where to get brake shoes for a 1985 Canadian Iltis ? Thanks,? lenintburg@yahoo.ca