February 16, 2012


I just came to the realization that my 1985 Bombardier Iltis, with 75 horses (on a *very* good day, with the wind at my back, going downhill...) has a payload capacity (including passengers) of 500Kg.  Let's hypothesize that I weigh 100Kg (hah) and my passenger weighs 100Kg, that leaves 300Kg.  I'm bringing ~80-100L of fuel (let's say 100Kg).  That leaves 200Kg of camping gear, food, water and beer.  I guess that will have to do! 

This was a surprise to me because my pickup truck has a virtually unlimited volume of camping cargo - there's no way I can surpass the weight it can haul - unless I packed up a lot of firewood to bring!

Still no regrets; the Iltis is a fantastic go-anywhere vehicle, and it will absolutely bring all my gear camping... I just need to be a little careful regarding weight :)

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