December 29, 2012

When buying a 1999 Diesel Suburban...

1999 GMC Suburban K2500 - 6.5L TurboDiesel - 4WD

When buying a 1999 6.5L Diesel Suburban, check the following items:
  • The transfer case should have fluid in it
  • The front drive shaft should have power when 4WD is engaged
  • The radiator should not only have pure water in it, it should be a 50/50 mix of rad fluid and water.
  • The front wheel hubs should not grind when spun in the air by hand (or up on a jack)
  • The inside driver door handle should work*
  • The passenger side window should move up AND down*
  • The ABS should work (optional)*
  • The brakes should work (less optional than previous point)
  • The tires should not be rubber that is so old that they are hard as rock; check the date stamps.
  • The front headlights shouldn't be horribly discoloured*
  • The exhaust manifold shouldn't have a hole in it.
  • The post-turbo down-pipe pipe should have a gasket at the bottom to prevent exhaust from venting up into the cab.
  • There should be key FOBs included with the keys*
  • The locks in the doors should accept the keys without any emergency lubrication.
  • The electric locks should engage and disengage ALL the locks in the doors, not just some doors. 
  • Check that the badging (SLT/SLE) is the same on BOTH sides of the vehicle.
  • The engine / glow plugs should be able to start below -5°C ~ -10°C without being plugged in and causing too much of a fuss.
Yes, there is probably more.  I'll continue to bitch about it until the damn thing is working right.  I'm currently waiting for parts, so the Suburban should be rolling like a boss by next week.  I'd like it to be able to make it to James Bay, Goose Bay, and back, in the coming years.  So things really do need to be in tip-top shape.

*issues I knew about prior to purchase

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