May 05, 2013

Site R - Raven Rock

(Credit: Wikipedia)
As I already posted a blog entry about the base(es) inside the Manzano mountains in New Mexico, and the posted the video of the base under Los Alamos, "Site R" really needed an honourable mention.  Site R is one of the first American underground in-the-mountain military bases (I believe it is *the* first) built during the Cold War.  It has been rumoured to have been closed or downsized over the years, but Osama bin Laden on Sept 11th 2001 gave the military machine the shot in the arm they were looking for, and the base has never been more active or operational!

For a very long time I've wanted to see Site R myself, in person, however they really don’t like visitors.  No really, I mean they *really* don’t like visitors.  As a foreign national I would not dare drive up to the front gate to take a picture of myself as I'd like to;  I'm sure I'd be deported and never allowed back into the US again (and that's the best case scenario). 

From Wikipedia:
On May 25, 2007, the Federal Register published a DoD policy declaring that it is unlawful for any person "entering in or on the property ... to make any photograph, sketch, picture, drawing, map or graphical representation of the Raven Rock Mountain Complex without first obtaining the necessary permission."
So, I was going to visit virtually, get as close as I could with Google and Bing satellite imagery, and share what I could "see" in this blog post.  That was the plan, until I found someone else's blog that has done a better job than I could - so here you go!

Please follow this link for all the information you'd ever want on Site R:
I'd like to thank the author for making such a thorough report on the facility, and the following video was made by the same person

Local news article on Site R from December 2001

Cryptome has a good view in their "Birdeye" post of Site R
  Bing Maps:

Google Maps:

View Larger Map

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