December 30, 2013

The Marathon Gap Filler Annex

Neys Provincial Park, Ontario 
Believe to be located in Neys Provincial Park, the exact location of the Marathon Gap Filler Annex is presumed to be the location of a current commercial antenna tower, which can be seen from the Google Maps satellite imagery.  What exactly remains is unknown, I would expect foundations, and perhaps evidence of a fence.
It's worth mentioning that this site, while remote, does have a fully functioning campground nearby, and therefore may have physical security at the entrance to the access road that leads up the mountain (like a farm gate).  I was pleasantly surprised that wasn't the case at Mont Ste Marie, and similarly, I hope there are no barricades here either.  The road to the top of 5 Kilometres of dirt road, but I know it has to be passable by some kind of full size maintenance vehicle, so travel in a 3/4 ton Suburban must be possible.  4WD may be required.  Worst case, I can walk it!

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