April 26, 2015

So you're going to Halifax Nova Scotia?

So you're going to Halifax, NS and want to know what Cold War stuff there is to see?

Well, you've asked the right guy.

(I was going to make this into an email; but thought a wider audience might be interested.)

The Royal Canadian Navy has two comms sites nearby; Mill Cove and Newport Corner.  I'm pretty sure they're operational and remotely operated by HMCS Trinity in Halifax, so try not to get arrested.

The remains of CFS Beaverbank (part of the Pinetree Line) are likely accessible, and while a lot of it is already gone, you'll still see the view!  It may be private property...

CFB Halifax has lots to see; like CFAD Bedford; also operational, and it's an ammunition depot.. so.. try not to get arrested there either.

Have a great trip!

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