November 09, 2013

CFS Lowther and GATR Site

Lowther Air Station was originally run by the USAF.  Once it was transferred to the RCAF, it became RCAF Station Lowther, then CFS Lowther after unification.  Other than the location, I can't say I know a lot about it. I went in August of 2012, but it had been completely levelled.  Only the roads, some remnants of sewers and foundations remained.
former location of CFS Lowther

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Lowther, Ontario - CFS Lowther GATR
The Lowther GATR site, after being decommissioned, was taken over by Hyundai, and the location is now used for cold weather testing.  From the most current satellite imagery it seems several new buildings have popped up, and I suspect there will be tight perimeter security prohibiting me from photographing the site.  I haven't made it to the CFS Lowther GATR site... yet.

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