November 21, 2013

Composing Blogger posts using LaTeX?

I have a quandary that I'd like to figure out, but so far haven't found anyone (via Google searches) who is doing the same thing in the same way; I can't believe I'm the first to try something like this.
CTAN lion draw­ing by Duane Bibby

I realized that my visits to these Cold War-related sites that I'm undertaking is essentially amateur research. It is not Wikipedia-able, since it is new research, and based solely on my own experiences, eyes, and ears. However, I'm not doing this for Wikipedia, I'm doing it to see what's there, and see what the people who served there saw; albeit 50+ years later.  

As I learn, I update my blog with the results of my research, but often there are more details, sources of information, references to books, online resources, etc.. that I need to remember, but don't really have anywhere to store centrally. I need footnotes, endnotes, and a Bibliography for my own benefit, as well as sharing my sources with others.  Sounds a lot like the makings of a book, and while I don't specifically intend on making one, conventions regarding citations are exactly what I should be following.

So, in comes LaTeX.  I have been playing with TeXstudio (on Ubuntu) to make a shell of a book, detailing the sites I've been to.  I'm no LaTeX expert, I'm a total noob.  The book is not so much to publish, more like a personal reference.  I've now discovered I'm repeating myself and doubling my efforts between the "book" and the blog.  Other than the personal emails referenced in the "book", that I wouldn't publish to the blog, everything else is the same. Citations and references are as I'd want them online so my details can be peer reviewed.  So, shouldn't there be a way for me to write a section or chapter in a "book" using LaTeX to properly format it, then export it to HTML or display it properly via Blogspot?  Do I need to migrate to Wordpress?  Host my own blog off my own server maybe?

I'd like to move as few pieces as possible, so I'm looking for the easiest solution to keep my blog hosted via, but leverage the work I'm doing in LaTeX.

But WHY LaTeX? Here is why.

If you've done something like this yourself, or know how to, I'd love to hear about it.

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