March 02, 2014

NATO III & IV SATCOM Constellation Satellite Ground Terminals

From my previous posts here and here, I've been interested in the satellite uplink that was at CFS Carp.  Well, let's see if we can knit it all together.

The NATO III and IV constellations were NATO owned and operated, and provided communications for the NATO countries for their leadership.

NATO III Satellites were launched between 1976 and 1984.
NATO IV Satellites were launched between 1991 and 1993.
The last NATO IV Satellite was decommissioned in 2010.

These satellites communicated with ground stations in the NATO countries as well as having two control stations.  Once these ground terminals ceased to be used they were either sold off to private companies or re-purposed by their host nations.  Checking out where they were located, and what the immediate surroundings are, yields some very interesting sightseeing.

Here are all the satellite ground terminals that were used for the NATO III and NATO IV Satellite constellations. (click the top right of the map to enable full screen and see things a lot easier)

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