March 07, 2014

CFS Senneterre and GATR Site

CFS Senneterre

The location of RCAF Station Senneterre / CFS Senneterre, operational from 1953-1988, was a significant air defence station, as it was the fall-back in case North Bay (The Hole) were to be taken out by a nuclear strike.  Some ruins of the buildings exist, but many are still intact and in use, re-purposed by local businesses.

RCAF Station Senneterre / CFS Senneterre

CFS Senneterre GATR Site

A GATR (Ground-to-Air Transmit & Receive) station was set up in the early 1960s, and I'm unsure what of that location is still intact - it's up the road a little North of Senneterre. 

Locals report there is nothing at the top of the mountain... I suspect the foundation and stumps of antenna poles will still be present.  In late 2012 I tried to get to the Senneterre GATR site, unsuccessfully.  The road is quite wet, and I didn’t have the right footwear.  The trail would be passable by ATV, but there is a steel farm gate at the end.  Rubber boots would be required to get to the base of the mountain.

CFS Senneterre GATR Site
2014.03.07 Update: It seems like there is better satellite imagery than previously available, so here are three views of the site (HERE Maps is the best)

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Former site of the CFS Cenneterre GATR building and antenna farm
48.48089, -77.2093

Photos of CFS Senneterre Trip (October 2012)

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