March 24, 2012

Bombardier Iltis Fluids

It seems when you start searching for "what is the best oil for..." you get as many answers as there are brands or types of automotive oils...

What's my goal?
I'm trying to build up my Iltis and ensure it has the best chance of survival for a ~1000Km drive that will take me North from Ottawa, to and around Parent Quebec, Casey Quebec, and back again - possibly by a different route than I traveled there on.  This means bringing parts that I expect to damage (tires) already mounted and ready to use, as well as extra gas.

What about fluids?
One of the main things I don't want to deal with on the drive is changing or losing any fluids.  I also don't want to break anything because fluids are worn out or contaminated.  So my question to the "Internets" has been, what's the best Oil I can put in the Iltis to give me the best changes of survival?

What kind of fluids does the Iltis take?
According to the manual  ( which you really should have found on the internet in PDF by now, in at least two places... ) the crank case oil should be 15W40 (unless you're in -20C or below cold) and the gear oil should be 80W90 (unless you're in -20C or below cold).  The debate could go on regarding conventional or synthetic, or what additives to put in, etc... but I'm going to skip that part.

Generic Oil
Element 15W40
Originally, I was going to go with Lucas Oil... Then it was suggested to me to look at Shell Rotella (good suggestion, thx!) Then I got impatient, and just went to my local mechanic and he changed the oil for peanuts.  He used locally available, made in Canada, ElementX (made for Benson Auto Parts).  It conforms to all the standards, and it's now happily moving around my engine.  I checked on it a week after it went in to see if any crap had started to pollute it, and it's still crystal clear.  More importantly, the black-as-soot oil that was in there, is now outa-there! 
The Iltis is happy about the change.
What about the oil filter?
Oh I haven't forgotten, and have already purchased a case of 6 Fram PH2870A filters.  They have that nice anti-slip-grip texture on the end :)

Differential Fluids
The differential and transaxle fluid did not get changed this time because we couldn't get them open within the time we had.  It'll be changed before going camping in the spring, that's for sure!

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