March 11, 2012

Rebuilt - The Iltis' Pierburg Solex 36 Model 1B1

You did what?I'm not a "car guy", or at least I haven't ever been, but I'm learning with every new thing that goes wrong, or I want to improve, on my Iltis.  I purchased a "lot" of Iltis parts in various conditions from someone in Quebec off of eBay - included was a carb.  Since I didn't want to wreck my own on my first attempt ever, I figured I'd cut my teeth on this "spare" one first.  It comes apart in two main pieces, I took out most of the rubber and plastic bits, and replaced several after soaking and scrubbing it in acetone.  I let it take a cool acetone bath for about 6 hours before scrubbing it with a toothbrush.  

Here are the results:

Pierburg Solex 36 Model 1B1 - Rebuild (Before)

Pierburg Solex 36 Model 1B1 - Rebuild (After)

How well does it perform?

Pierburg 1B1 Rebuild Kit from
(Not exactly as shown)
Well, I don't know yet... I have another three carb kits in the mail from and I have to rebuild the carb installed on the Iltis too. 

I wouldn't mind figuring out where the other O rings that I can find are to boot... but it seems difficult to find manuals for the Pierburg carb in English.  Russian?  German?  Spanish?  No problem!

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