March 12, 2012

Iltis Fuel Tank Strap Replacement - Take 1

I thought I was ahead of the game.  I ordered a set of Iltis gas tank straps as my old set on the vehicle had rusted, one was hanging in the breeze.  Much to mu surprise, I found I had 6 straps, and no hardware (bolts, pins, etc) when I unpacked the package.  The Iltis needs 4 pieces of strap, two bolts, and a bunch of other hardware.  Oh well - Time to source the right bits and finish the project later this week..

The vent hose is loose and leaks gas when I fill it to the top... it seems it needs a hose clamp, and I have a replacement hose as well.

The back floor boards, the square holes are where the rear seats lock into place.
Out with the floor boards, and there are the rails they sit on

Out go the rails!
Removed a panel - and voila!  Jackpot!

Busted gas tank strap and a loose vent hose.

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