September 27, 2013

CFS Falconbridge and GATR Site

CFS Falconbridge

RCAF Station Falconbridge was built in 1952  as a radar station of the Pinetree Line and changed names to CFS Falconbridge after unification in 1967.  In 1985 the station was deactivated and in 1987 was sold to a private interest.  Most of the station's domestic site still stands today, and some of the operations site still stands as well.  I have not been to the operations site yet but hope to in 2014.

CFS Falconbridge
Red - Operations Site | Green - Domestic Site | Blue - GATR

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CFS Falconbridge GATR

(mostly reposted from my trip report)

CFB Falconbridge's GATR site was located a few kilometres away from the station to the East, past the airport.  The perimeter is still visible, and the building is, or was, owned by a helicopter maintenance company.  The property is derelict, run down, strewn with empty barrels and pails of hydraulic fluid, has smashed glass, several trashed trailers... but luckily, also holes in the fence.  Thinking about it now, I'm not sure the original building is actually intact or if a new building has been erected in it's place.  The current building is clad in siding, and has an extension built off the side.  Where the TDDL antennas would have been located there is now a helipad on one site, and a pile of garbage on the other side of the building.  There seem to be underground water storage, or perhaps tunnels for wiring or other equipment.  Either way, those holes are full of water that I wouldn’t want to swim in.  

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View of the building now where the GATR builing was, picture taken facing North
View of the front gate

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