October 01, 2013

The Biscotasing Gap Filler Annex

Several of the Gap Filler Annexes were never built, as the program was cancelled in 1964.  However, many of them were in the middle of some stage of construction; foundations were poured, tanks for fuel installed, access roads were built, etc..

This is the location that is believed to have been the site of the Biscotasing Gap Filler Annex.  Despite the map, there was an access road built, and it goes from Bisco Road right to the tower.  I am not sure if the GFA tower was supposed to be a dual-usage tower, like the one in Timmins, or if a seperate tower was built near the location.  There is, or was up until recently, a fire tower near the same location.  Are both towers one and the same?  Someone is going to need to get there and take a picture of the tower to tell!

map courtesy of atlas.gc.ca

Location of Biscotasing GFA?
(Imagery from HERE Maps)
1:50000 Scale - Courtesy of http://geogratis.gc.ca/

Green - Location of Tower? | Blue - Biscotasing
I'm reasonably sure the site is where the green circle is shown above, but the question is, will my extremely heavy 1999 4WD Diesel Suburban make it down the trail?  I dont think so.  Will I?  I dont think so either.  I need boots on the ground or even better imagery to tell is the trail is passable by foot - without hip waders?  To me, it looks like parts of the trail are under water.  Looking at the topographic maps it seems like a stream and swamp are likely located at and around the beginning of the trail.  The access road was built properly, with culverts and appropriate grading in around 1962, but may not have been maintained after that.  If you know better, please let me know!  I may need to trailer an ATV, or hook up with someone in Bisco who has an ATV in order to access this location.

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