January 01, 2014

North Bay, Ontario - BOMARC Site

I've mentioned The CFB North Bay BOMARC missile site before, a couple of times, so I wont go into too much detail.

Now decommissioned, the site is a self-storage location and open during business hours.  The owner is friendly and interested in the history of the site as well, so if you have any original information from Cold War research, he'd be interested in hearing about it!  I wasn't the first Cold War tourist to drop by when I did in August 2013.

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Aerial photo of the SAM site at North Bay - 1967. Courtesy of The NBC Group
I was thrilled to have been invited to see the steam tunnels below the launchers and get a quick tour between two of the hatches to the surface.  The launchers were powered by steam, so the tunnels housed a massive number of wires controlling the electronics, and several pipes for the hot water.  Most of the wires have been taken for salvage, but the pipe, and the conduit the wires sat on, is still there.

Tunnels with conduit and pipe under the North Bay BOMARC Launch Site - Aug 27th, 2013
Here are the rest of the North Bay BOMARC Site photos

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