January 05, 2014

Mid-Canada Line Sector Control Station 500 - Winisk

Site Name: Mid-Canada Line Sector Control Station 500
Location: Winisk, Ontario
Built: 1956
Operational: 1957 - 1965 
Coordinates: 55.24440, -85.10944 
Condition: Remediated (2011-2013) 
Current Ownership:Province of Ontario
Distance from paved road: Accessible by air, ice-road, water
Condition of access road: NA


Sector Control Stations along the Mid-Canada Line were the manned backbone of the radar system.  They were technical, organizational and transport hubs.  Sector Control Station 500 "Winisk" was located near the community of Winisk, that was wiped out by a flood in 1986 and relocated.  The site of SCS 500 was remediated between 2011 and 2013, some satellite photos even show the vehicles parked at the airstrip that were used for the remediation.

Southwest of the station is the airstrip, I believe Northeast of the station was a dredged channel allowing barges of fuel and supplies to be dropped off.


There's not much hope of getting to Winisk in the summer without a plane, but there has previously been an ice road access.

Trip Report:

This is just a place-holder in case I ever do get to Winisk


Some of the last photos of Winisk before everything was torn down.
Photos courtesy of Julian Pullara, and were taken in the fall of 2012.

Winisk air strip

Winisk Fire Hall

Road from the air strip to the station

The Winisk air strip control tower

Larry Wilson has vintage pictures on his web site of SCS 500


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