January 01, 2014

Sioux Lookout Air Station / RCAF Station Sioux Lookout / CFS Sioux Lookout

Sioux Lookout Air Station began construction in 1952 and was operational by 1953. In 1962 the station was handed over to the RCAF and as part of unification in 1967 was renamed CFS Sioux Lookout, which lasted as part of the Canadian Forces defence structure until 1987 when its doors were finally closed. The station sits West, across the river, from the town of Sioux Lookout. It seems to still be accessible by road, and it seems that the buildings are still intact. I haven't read much about the state of CFS Sioux Lookout, the more remote the bases are, the less people visit them - for better or worse, it's hard to find info regarding their current state!

Sioux Lookout is private property, and rumour has it either a homestead or skidoo repair business.  There are lots of gates and no trespassing signs from what I have heard. It is another location I will need to get permission from the owners to visit prior to visiting. 

Location of CFS Sioux Lookout
Toporama - atlas.gc.ca

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