October 02, 2013

Types of Gap Filler Radar Towers

As I believe I've mentioned in a previous post, there were two types of towers being used by the engineers of the Gap Filler Radar stations of the late 1950s and early 1960s.  

3 footed towers were "standard" towers intended to be topped with a radar, such as the one which still stands atop Mont Ste-Marie.  

Lac Ste Marie Gap Filler Radar- 2012
4 footed towers were to be topped by a radar, but would also have a fire tower / lookout directly underneath, such as the one at Timmins.
Timmins Gap Filler Radar Station - August 2013

Here is a list of all the Gap FIller Stations which were partially built, and the kind of tower they were intended to have (Documented by DND on Feb 13th 1963).  This is not an indication that the tower still stands there today, or was ever erected to begin with.

Algonquin Park Standard Tower
Atikokan Joint Tower
Batchewana Joint Tower
Belleterre Joint Tower
Biscotasing Joint Tower
Bridgetown Standard Tower
Chapleau Standard Tower
Elliot Lake Joint Tower
Formosa Standard Tower
Lac St Marie Standard Tower
La Tuque Standard Tower
Lucknow Standard Tower
Manitouwadge Standard Tower
Marathon Standard Tower
Nicolet Standard Tower
Nipigon Standard Tower
Oba Joint Tower
Scotch Settlement Standard Tower
Sparta Standard Tower
St Josephs Standard Tower
Summerville Centre Standard Tower
Timmins Joint Tower
Tobermory Standard Tower
Todd Mountain Joint Tower
Westport Standard Tower

In the end the program was cut due to budget cuts, and by 1964 the land and partially built structures and buildings were being sold to private interests.

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